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Affirmation of Legal Work Status HB06-1463

Affirmation of Legal Work Status/Public Contract for Services

December 26, 2006 --

House Bill 06-1343, concerns measures to ensure that an illegal alien does not perform

work on a public contract for services. House Bill 06-1343 was effective August 7,

2006.  House Bill 06S-1017, concerns documentation by an employer that demonstrates

compliance with Federal employment verification requirements. In addition, the

employer must show that he/she has not altered or falsified the employee’s identification

documents and that the employer has not knowingly hired an unauthorized alien.

Lastly, the employer must keep a written or electronic copy of the affirmation, and of the

documents required by 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1324a, for the term of employment of each

employee. House Bill 06S-1017 will become effective January 1, 2007.

While both bills address illegal aliens, the bills also recognize that individuals providing

documentation for U.S. DHS Form I-9 purposes may be using another individual’s Social

Security number and/or identity. As a result, the new legislation also addresses identity

theft and the use of forged documents.




Full Text of General Information on HB 06-1343 and HB 06S-1017


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